Roots Covenant

Roots Covenant

Roots Covenant

Hailing from southern San Diego, the Roots Covenant band has come a long way from their early days in 2001. In the small concrete shed affectionately known as “The Shack”, band members gathered, pouring out soulful ryhthms with a message of love, truths, and rights in their hearts and minds. through their captivating sound and irie vibe, Roots Covenant became a hit at house parties, bars, and clubs across San Diego, gaining a loyal following and establishing themselves as one of the local premier reggae bands. This hometown success would lead to opportunities to work with notable reggae artists, including backing Jamaican Singer/DJ duo Tippa Lee & Andrew Wright, Ken Bob, and the legendary Sammy Dread.
As time passed, the band gained recording experience at any outlets available. Soon they were at the level where they were able to record their debut album entirely under their own control. The long process involved many trips back and forth from San Diego to Los Angeles and countless hours in the studio. At last their hard work has paid off with the result that you have here.
This production is the debut release for both Roots Covenant and Hill & Valley Records. The album marks only a first step on a journey with a promise of more in the future. The band plans on many more shows, recordings, albums, and collaborations. Most importantly, they wish to continue to make positive music that they love, with a hope for the roots community to recognize San Diego, an untapped arena for music.
The Roots Covenant sound has a rocksteady bottom end that kicks you in the chest. Cisneros is a tight and driving percussionist informed by Brit reggae’s four-on-the-floor approach to kick drum. He and bassist Tornero are the band’s foundation. “The bass is falling down, but the drums are climbing up,” says Tornero. “The opposite of mainstream rock.” The Roots Covenant name, they explain, is their commitment to keep to the genre’s cultural and religious roots. It is a message they wouldn’t mind taking global. “Right now, France is huge into reggae,” says Cisneros. “Spain is, too. Europe is big into reggae.”

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