Broadway Pier – Port Pavillion

Port Pavillion on Broadway Pier

Port Pavillion on Broadway Pier


The $28-million Pavilion was built with sustainable features that will help it qualify for silver-level LEED certification. The terminal and event center was designed by Bermello Ajamil and Partners, Inc., a leading design and architectural firm with offices in California, Florida and New York. Sustainable features include a 30KW Port-owned photovoltaic system that will generate up to 14 percent of the building’s energy needs.  An additional system that is owned by San Diego Gas & Electric will provide even more power.  The additional energy will be put back into the region’sl electrical grid.

The building also has natural ventilation. Louvers and fans are incorporated throughout to keep it cool during the warmer months. The Pavilion’s roof is painted white to reflect the heat away from the building, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Other sustainable features are low-flow water fixtures, energy efficient light fixtures and a shore power system that will provide power to vessels berthed at Broadway Pier.

The Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier also includes a public art element. A light installation by New York-based artist and lighting designer Leni Schwendinger will provide artistic lighting on the building at night. The artwork, titled “Tidal Radiance” will produce colors and forms that will transform the façade after sundown. The artwork will remain lit every night and will be visible to Pavilion visitors, pedestrians strolling on the Embarcadero and motorists traveling on North Harbor Drive.


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