Lady Cellie

Born and Raised in San Diego, Lady Cellie started listening to reggae music at the age of 14. The first album she ever purchased was “Uprising” by the late Prophet Robert Nesta Marley. His music opened her eyes, ears, heart, and soul to reggae music. Diving into the world of reggae helped her to discover how much love this music has to offer the world to those willing to listen.
The focus of Cellie’s music is to reach out to the people and open their eyes to the love reggae music brings. Singing cover songs at live shows by deceased artists such as Lacksley Castell, Gregory Issacs, Hugh Mundell and her favorite artist Bob Marley. Cellie was Nominated for “Best Female Reggae” by the Unsigned Swagg Music Awards that was held in Van Nuys, CA. She performed at the awards ceremony held on Aug.15th 2010 at the Grand Banquet Hall and walked away a winner with her first award. She has been given the opportunity to work with various professional musicians from San Diego with a veteran backing her on drums in the present. Emilio “Drum-E” Martinez plays in such bands as Kindle to Ember & Bredren and in the past with Tribe of Judah and many more. His heavy drumming is the heart of the band and gives it that distinctive roots sound. Michael Chambers on bass has been a big part of the driving force behind the band. Michael has been the creator of her sound having done some studio work in the past. Benji Guzman is a man of many bands…playing keys for many talented acts around San Diego such as Elijah Emanuel & the Revelations,as well as big artists such as Lee “Scratch” Perry. The newest member Nabil on guitar is a very talented musician who comes from Algeria and currently plays in the band Kindle to Ember with Emilio. Her musical mentor and friend, reggae legend Milton Henry has been guiding her in the right direction of who she is growing to be as an artist. Lady Cellie and The Band are currently recording their first EP album that should be released by 2012.

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