J.A.M Kwest

Jaam Kwest

Jaam Kwest

The Jamaican-African-American Music Kwest is a journey as well as an adventure into the world of all music and philosophies…A visual and mental awareness of every style, chord, sound available for use by way of an instrument or voice. With recognition to the point that regardless of where we as musicians and creators take all music, its origin is the true place which we should give thanks and praises for its foundation. With no beginning there is no end.What goes up must come down type reality. What we hope to achieve is; never to throw out any concept of rhythm or style, and rather embrace and include it in our flow…So we appreciate and respect all musical styles: reggae, funk, rock, metal, grunge, folk, soul, blues ,jazz, roots, culture, dancehall, hip hop, ska, and rap.

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