Itals - Reunited - Lloyd Ricketts, Keith Porter, Ronnie Davis

The Itals are a Jamaican reggae vocal group formed in 1976 by Alvin “Keith” Porter, Ronnie Davis, and Lloyd Ricketts (the latter two formerly of The Tennors),[1] all of whom had previously also recorded as solo artists.[2] All three had worked together in the late 1960s in The Westmorelites.[1] The group recorded several albums through the late 1970s and 1980s, with Ronnie Davis going on to a successful solo career. Their debut single, “In A Disya Time”, is regarded as the group’s finest work, and topped the Jamaican chart.[1][3] 1987’s Rasta Philosophy was nominated for a Grammy Award as Best Reggae Album.[1] The line-up has changed over the years, with former solo artist David Isaacs joining in 1987 when Ricketts was sentenced to a prison term, preventing him from travelling to the United States.[1][4] Davis left the group in 1994, and was replaced by Porter’s daughter Kada.[1] The Itals continue to tour in 2009 in support of the newly released compilation of early works produced by Lloyd Campbell, with Davis, Isaacs and Kada joining Keith Porter. A brand new album is expected to be released this year entitled “Let Them Talk”.



2 thoughts on “Itals

  1. Grammy nominated, The Itals are one of Jamaica’s top singing trio’s. Powerful songwriting and sweet harmonies have carried this group for decades. Just like The Wailers, they write conscious lyrics that cut. Then words from life and love that everyone can feel.

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