E.N Young

E.N Young born Ian Allan Young is a roots musician born and raised on the USA Mexico border in San Diego, California. ‘Luck & Chance No More’ is the first release from E.N Young and includes most instrumentation and vocals by the artist. It features songs that have been written over the past 7 years and echoes a mission of faith and consciousness. Long time musician E.N Young has performed with many artists including Stranger, Roots Covenant, and backed many Jamaican and Reggae artists for the past decade. He is stepping out strong with his first release off the Roots Musician Label.
This album ‘Luck & Chance No More’ is a reflection of his soul in which striving for better has lead him to a spiritual journey of faith.
The title of the album is a lyric in the song ‘Keep Trying’. It means that everything happens for reasons and everything is meant to be. It focuses on good works leading to blessings or good things coming. From start to finish this album is a man’s story of a musical and spiritual mission. ‘Luck & Chance No More’ has a heavy musical sound and a conscious message. All songs are followed by Dub versions and have been mixed be E.N Young.
The path has led to E.N’s Debut Album ‘Luck & Chance No More’ completed in 2010. E.N toured in winter 2010 backing the Abyssinians and opening soundsystem style everynight. In may 2011 E.N went into the studio to produce Tribal Seeds new EP ‘SoundWaves’. The EP was released in July and has had world wide attention. In September 2011, E.N produced “eye candy” for Clear Conscious which he also sang on. From Hawaii to New York, E.N completed a fall national tour with Tribal Seeds. During that tour he recorded and mixed a single with Steve Jocoba of Tribal Seeds that went on a new Clear Conscious album that peaked at #3 on itunes charts. E.N’s main goal continues to be, to travel the world spreading good with music.

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