Artists 2012

Sat. February 18

Sun. February 19

Don Carlos
& Dub Vision

Johnny Osbourne

& Sagitarius Band

Junior Reid
& One Blood Band


& Shengen Clan

Prezident Brown

The Wailing Souls

Sister Nancy

Sister Carol

Big Mountain

The Itals


 Line-Up Subject to Change

Stone Brewery Co. Stage

Salvia Real

Maka & I-Sight

Shoreline Rootz


Tribal Theory

Lady Cellie

  Arise Roots

Governor Tiggy

J.A.M. Kwest

Nano Bravo
& Mad Lions

E.N. Young


7 thoughts on “Artists 2012

  1. thank you for the line up because I really cant afford to pay $120 and i wanted to see who was playing what days so that I could choose which day to go. thanks for always putting on a great show!

  2. so stoked to this change of venues ….sports arena was a dump, then on a mon with work next day boo.this is where it should have been the hole time !!!!!!
    no need to drive and a lot of action after the show ends, right down the street…..THANX TO JAH

  3. @ Pressley, Yes Lady Cellie is a great artist and her band is outstanding however she’s not better than all the other artist performing from San Diego on the home stage that day. Show respect for all the musicians, it’s about the love of reggae music! Keep the negative vibes! The whole show is going to be smashing. I’m happy that they put females on there period from San Diego and truly proud of Cellie happy to see her added to the list.

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