Alika has become one of the leaders in Latin Roots Reggae & Dancehall. Remarkably influenced by hip hop. I listened from small child and with which it took his first steps in music. On 1994, I found Attitude Maria Marta, one of the first bands of rap of Argentina, along with D Alessio.

They realised numerous shows and they were recognized by the press like band revelation. Finishing with that training they leave registered a only disc ” To corner to the Bestia” (1996, Polygram) Alika decides in 1999 to begin its own project, based on the roots of the Rastafari Culture, standing out by its clear and direct letters that they speak of the respect, the dignity, the oppression of the western system, the confidence in one same one, the life in the countries of the Third World and the problems that are lived in the districts. Chile is the country where Alika, next to outstanding mc s of the scene, like Boomer, gives to form to his first independent production him ” You do not leave paren” you; (2001 Mabrak), this work, with few economic resources, made feel its influence between the young people listened to who it.

Thus it begins to show live his new work. In the 2003 ” publishes its second album; Without Intermediarios” received good disc in South America with you cut like ” Paciencia” ” Demanda” and ” Encendedores” In the 2005 third production arrives his ” Reason Accion” Meditation; an album where the music of Alika & New Alliance sounds but Roots who never, this, contains you cut like ” Custom of Matar” and ” DES does not force to him to Babilonia” Its charisma and is present at have taken scenic it to also share its music in multitudinal festivales and in sound systems, theaters, clubs, etc… in different cities of countries like the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, where it surprises the call that has this independent artist. At the end of the 2006 Alika it records with airborne magnetic detection Proffessor one of the albums waited for the 2008, completely produced by the genius of dub in his Ariwa studio.

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